Officials to pay own phone bills 2016-11-17 09:45

A regular meeting of the cabinet came to the decision to have 248 state officials pay their own phone bills instead of the bills being paid from the state budget. In doing so, MNT 90 million can be saved on this year's budget, and MNT 265 annually going forward. Of those 248 officials, 107 are officials from parliament and its affiliated organisations, 52 are from the government and its affiliated organisations and 89 are from local administrations.

The state budget paid MNT 65 thousand for the monthly mobile phone bills of twenty authorised officials of agencies, the mayor of Ulaanbaatar and governors of certain provinces and seven officials from their affiliated organisations, in accordance with the government decree to "update the list of authorised officials to use cell phone and their spending norms" issued in 1999. In addition, the decree allowed these authorised officials to buy mobile phones for MNT 130 thousand. However, today's cabinet meeting came to the decision to annul this decree.
Furthermore, this year's revised budget will not include payment for the cell phone bills of officials and was able to reduce the projected cell phone costs of the last four months of this year by 100 percent.