Эдийн засаг

Reason to learn Korean 2017-03-15 18:11

 Registration for the Korean language test was held nationwide March 6-9. A few months ago it was announced that registration would open for 8,000 people willing to work in South Korea under a labour contract. Thus, labour departments and in provinces as well as the city were the busiest places last week. Eight thousand people can be registered for the test in accordance with the bilateral memorandum, and 7,968 people have already done so. However, not all those taking the exam will go to South Korea. The highest scoring 1,500 people will pass the language hurdle and go on to the next step. The test is organised only by the Industry and Human Resources Authority of South Korea, and organisers have warned that only those who know the language well should register.

Test registration was held only for three days because there were complaints and issues related to registration in previous years. Therefore, labour departments had to use the buildings of some secondary schools and other places with large halls. Naturally, healthy people aged 18-40 apply more commonly. In addition, a police background check and certain other documents were not required. Each registrant paid MNT 60,000 (USD 24). Although payments from almost 7,968 people amounts to about MNT 470 million, officials said that the money will be spent on test registration and operational costs. In other words, six out of the 24 dollars are to be spent on Mongolian-side activities and the remaining 16 dollars on Korean-side activities.
Many young people have registered for the Korean language proficiency test, wishing to land a high-paying job. The test schedule will be announced on March 27 on the official website of the Labour and Welfare Service Agency: hudulmur-halamj.gov.mn.