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High levels of consanguinity worrying 2017-03-17 11:33

Consanguinity, being of close blood relations, is another disaster Mongolia is facing in addition to air pollution. The number of children being born mentally or physically impaired is increasing due to this disaster. For example, 689 impaired children were born between 2005 and 2009 according to statistics. This figure has increased to 1,280 according to a 2015 survey.

The main cause of consanguinity in Mongolia is lack of knowledge of one’s relatives and geographic location. According to one study, 73.9-86.1 percent of marriages in soums and small towns are between natives of those places. Mental retardation is highest among economically active people aged 15-64.
One solution for the issue is to maintain records of a family tree and pass it down to future generations. People’s awareness and efforts will play a big role in solving this problem in addition to the governmental efforts.