Дэлхий 2017

New issue of Mongolian Economy magazine out 2017-04-07 13:08

Mongolian Economy magazine's fourth issue of 2017 has been published. This issue highlights the lack of a strong middle class the country needs and the difficulties and challenges they are facing. The role of the middle class and its economic impact is great in developed countries, whereas Mongolia lacks the appropriate policies directed towards the middle class that protects their rights. Therefore, our editorial wanted to raise this issue in our new magazine issue.
In addition, you can read insightful interviews with the Australian Ambassador to Mongolia, Mr. John Langtry, and Director of Advice for Small Businesses, SME Finance and Development Group Charlotte Ruhe. Ms. Ruhe, who was invited to our Premium Interview section of the magazine, stated: "Most of Mongolia’s SMEs do not withstand the competitive economy, and they close down when their founders find another source of income."
Articles by economists Ch.Otgonchuluu, B.Tuvshin, B.Naidalaa, B.Enkhmandakh and J.Sunjudmaa are included in our Opinion section.
We invite our readers to read the article entitled "My name is Bold. I am from Mongolia." The new issue also contains the full speech given by Mr. B.Bold, chief executive of Energy & Minerals at Rio Tinto, at the Investing in African Mining Indaba conference held in Cape Town, South Africa. You can gain information about Rio Tinto's policy, vision and governance from this section.

We hope you enjoy the latest issue of our magazine.