Gold reef discover

Mongolia is rich in minerals. Recently, “Altan Rio Minerals” company has announced its first visible results of gold exploitation at Khavchuu region in Tuv Aimag. The CEO of the company, Evan Jones said “The gold reef, where tonnes of gold can be exploited, has a similar geological structure as the Boroo mine. Our analysts have discovered the gold reef at Khavchuu region, around 10 kilometres away from the Boroo mine where “Centerra Gold” company exploited gold”.  
First researches reveal that gold volume contained at the mine estimates 11.49 grammes/tonnes in one metre. Good news for all, to know that we have so much gold hidden underground. On the other hand, it is bad news for the environment. According to the Natural Resource Authority, total 19870.4 hectares of soil has been harmed due to mining exploitations; 1904.5 hectares due to geological exploration and 17966 hectares due to mineral exploitation. 
Tuv Aimag represents around 6645.4 hectares, or 30 percent of the disrupted soil. In Selenge 3021 hectares, Uvurkhangai 2174.9, Orkhon 2152, Khentii 1709 and in Umnugovi aimag 1093.7 hectares of soil have been desolated due to mining exploitations.