Featured articles

  • Outlook
    Erdenes Mongol aspires to world stage
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund
    Development selection
  • Development
    P.Gankhuu: We are developing Erdenes Mongol in cooperation with various stakeholders
  • Rare earth metals
    Does Mongolia need rare earth elements
  • Human Resource
    Leaders of “Erdenes” Resource
  • Oyu Tolgoi
    Ts. Tumentsogt: There is a necessity for copper concentrate and power plants
  • Road
    L.Nyambayar: We strive to look at the bigger picture when solving problems
  • Methane
    D.Amar: 21st century is the age of methane
  • Nuclear energy
    D.Dalaijargal: It is possible to attract investments and cooperation for mineral exploration
  • Erdenes Steel
    Ts. Batbold: Building a new production plant that will substitute imports
  • Energy
    Sh. Dorjgarchaa: Diversifying exports by turning brown coal into the final product
  • Precious metals
    T.Munkhbayar: We will become a key benefactor to the sovereign wealth fund
  • Asset Management
    B.Uugankhuu: Aiming to set up an investment fund in Mongolia