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  • Notes from the Editor-in-Chief
    Mongolia continues to strive to fulfill its dreams
  • Main article
    Mongolia is advancing in step with global trends
  • Minister
    N.Uchral: The transformation into a digital nation is now a reality, not just a distant dream
  • Best practice
    Estonian Model and Mongolian localization
  • E-government
    Digitization of Public Services - A Corruption Free Future
  • Partnership
    Chinggis Sat: Pioneering the nation's reach beyond Earth
  • Satellite
    Declaring independence in space
  • Digital Economy
    The visit that brought American technology closer
  • Starlink
    A new internet gateway
  • Silicon Valley
    Mongolian companies storm Silicon Valley
  • Artificial intelligence
    A tangible partnership in the artificial intelligence field
  • Rapid change
    Strengthening human resources through cooperation with South Korea
  • Cybersecurity
    Ch.Zolbayar: Mongolia is expected to improve its cyber security index
  • News
    The Kazakhstan First Vice Minister paid a visit to Mongolia
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