From independence to comprehensive strategic partnership


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  • Greetings
    Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Tsogbaatar’s
  • Opinion
    Endeavors of the current peak
  • Ambassador
    Xing Haiming: The “triple carriage” of mutual political trust, economic partnership and cultural exchange is carrying the relation of two countries
  • Progress
    Two centuries of development
  • Parliament
    Y.Sanjmyatav: Two countries government has been actively cooperating with each other on international level
  • Economic Relations
    The challenges in thinking globally
  • Ambassador
    D.Gankhuyag: The relations of two countries are entering a new era and it is in the most favorable period of its history
  • Mining
    Erdenes Mongol or the crossing point of the neighbors' interests
  • Coal
    Mineral welding
  • BRI
    The semi-centennial is 30 years away
  • Opportunity
    Paperless trade and the dragon’s blessing
  • Chinese graduates
    The opinions or those who graduated in China
  • Mongolian-Chinese Friendship Society
    G.Batsukh: It is not easy to develop relations without being familiar with the neighbor