JULY, AUGUST 2021 (174, 175)


Featured articles

  • Editor-in-Chief`s message
    Investment and development
  • Foreign investment
    Heartbeat of an open economy
  • Guest interview
    Project Director of the New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Construction Project N. ENKHBAT: I have seen draft orders issued numerous times for my dismissal
  • Mining
    Coronavirus cut
  • Follow-up interview
    J. Zoljargal: Avoiding human contacts during coal transportation is critical
  • Follow-up interview
    B. Elbegzaya: Rebounding from lost opportunity
  • Follow-up interview
    E. Lhagva: The production outlook for Oyu Tolgoi remains
  • Research
    The obstacles of development
  • Expats in Mongolia
    Michael Morrow: Sometimes I am referred to as Mongolia’s fromager
  • Expats in Mongolia
    Graham Taylor: Introducing active adventures and fine wines to Mongolia
  • Expats in Mongolia
    Cliffe Arrand: Pioneering the hospitality industry in my adoptive home
  • Expats in Mongolia
    Chris Melville: Working as an English lawyer in Mongolia