MARCH 2021


Featured articles

  • Policy
    Women’s Employment and Economic Growth
  • Leadership
    L. Bolormaa: Globally a Woman-Owned Business definition is a key for genderequality in business
  • Policymaker
    Kh. Bulgantuya: Gender inequality is inherent in influencing the decision to start a business
  • Policymaker
    D.Unurbolor: We need to implement genderresponsive fiscal policies
  • Study
    Post-pandemic sustainable recovery options for businesses
  • Study
    What Gender Equality Means In Business and How Women-Business Definition Helps?
  • EBRD
    S. Baigalmaa: EBRD is committed to providing equal opportunity for men and women in business
  • UN
    How can Mongolia Mobilize More Financial Resources for Sustainable National Development?
  • TRAM Project
    Increased Mongolian nonmining exports with support from the EU funded TRAM project
  • Viewpoint
    The importance of having gender statistics on entrepreneurship
  • MSE
    Ring bells for Gender Equality
  • Interview
    Ts. Baigalmaa: Personality of women becomes an advantage to increase their creditworthiness
  • Entrepreneur
    B. Munkhzul: Women work in sectors that are creating new jobs
  • Entrepreneur
    R.Sansarmaa: Women are persistent and better in executing according to the goal
  • WEMC
    About Women Entrepreneur Mentors Club
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