Mongolia Economic Forum – 2023

Featured articles

  • Development
    Strong economic foundation laid for executing New Revival Policy
  • Investment Opportunity
    We invite you to continue investing in Mongolia
  • Interview
    G.Tuvdendorj: All public organizations are responsible for protecting and supporting foreign investments
  • Mega projects
    Attracting foreign investment: 16 development projects scheduled for 2023
  • Bank of Mongolia
    A legal framework for specialized investment banking has been established
  • Ambassadors
    Hiroyuki Kobayashi: I believe Mongolia’s IT industry has so much potential to grow exponentially
  • Michael S. Klecheski: Mongolia has significant endowments that are attractive to investors
  • Chai Wenrui: Mongolia is an important backbone of the northern line of the development of the "Belt and Road Initiative"
  • Catherine Ivkoff: A key focus area is supporting the development of Mongolia’s green economy
  • Mining
    Mining sector waiting for investment
  • Year of Anti-Corruption
    The Unyielding Battle Against Corruption
  • International relations
    Mongolia and international relations
  • Railway
    Prioritize Cross-Border Railway Construction
  • New Revival Policy
    Let a hundred opportunities blossom!
  • Digital shift
    We may be landlocked, but our minds have no boundaries
  • Green developmentsified
    Green development projects to be inten
  • Renewable energy
    Where we can find the next Oyu Tolgoi?
  • Cultural and creative industries
    A big ambition to implement a soft power policy
  • Mongolian youth
    Mongolian Youth: Spark of Change
  • Mongolia Economy Forum
    Ch.Ganhuyag: Let`s build future of Mongolia together
  • Ard Financial Group JSC
    Self-disruption for future of finance
  • MCS Coca-Cola
    Vio Millenia natural mineral water to be exported
  • Newcom Group
    B.Baatarmunkh: Renewable Energy Will Become the Key Driver of Rapid Development
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