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  • Policy
    Reform that will put banking sector in shape
  • Banking sector reform
    B. Lhagvasuren: Taking the financial market to the next level by strengthening banks
  • Governance
    Publicly monitored bank with balanced control, management and supervision is an example of prudent governance
  • Supervision
    Creating a preventive system to avoid wreaking havoc on banks
  • First Deputy Governor
    G. Dulguun: Healthy and reliable banking system is critical for financial stability
  • International cooperation
    Extended Fund Facility and future cooperation
  • Grey list
    Cure for the grey list is a cooperation
  • Interview
    G. Enkhtaivan: Mongolia will not fall into the grey list again if we fix the flaws
  • Inclusive sector
    Goal to diversify
  • Interview
    A.Enkhjin: Providing long-term financing to enhance export diversification
  • Interview
    B.Bayardavaa: Investment returns can be improved through lower interest rates
  • Foreign bank
    Is the entry of foreign banks good for Mongolia
  • View point
    B.Javkhlan: Interest rate reduction should be placed at the center of our policy
  • View point
    Kh.Bulgantuya: The second phase of banking sector reform
  • View point
    G.Amartuvshin: One way to diversify funding sources is to expand the stock market
  • View point
    G. Tsevegjav: Reducing ownership concentration under the principles of free-market iseffective in the long run
  • View point
    Jean-Pascal Nganou: Independence of the Central Bank of Mongolia is crucial for an effective banking reform
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