Umnugovi – The future of development

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  • Editor-in-Chief message
    Umnugovi - The future of development
  • Main essay
    Shaping development in Umnugovi
  • Governor
    R.Seddorj: Committed to ensuring that no one is left behind in our development efforts
  • Mining
    Land of mineral wealth
  • Development projects
    O.Erdene-Urnukh: Investments are oriented towards infrastructure
  • Аgriculture
    The foundational industry underpinning development
  • Development projects
    Umnugovi - Home to large development projects
  • Management
    N.Enkhbat: Сommitted to forging a novel development model that harmonizes mining, animal husbandry, and tourism
  • Green development
    Green Gobi
  • Tourism
    The endless allure of the southern Gobi
  • Guest
    Kh.Tumendelger: The island's nature has begun to draw tourists like a magnet
  • Digital development
    Ts.Deneedorj: Prioritizing digital education for children and youth
  • Business
    Made in Umnugovi
  • Tavantolgoi
    D.Artag: “Tavantolgoi" JSC, has played a pivotal role in the development of Umnugobi
  • Oyu Tolgoi
    Gobi's wealth to Gobi's people
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