World class mine Oyu tolgoi, Mining city Khanbogd

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  • Underground mine
    Underground mine commencement
  • Underground mine
    The powerful engine of Oyu tolgoi has commenced
  • Reporting
    The underground mine journey
  • Prime Minister
    Mongolia is announcing that it has a world-class copper mine
  • CEO
    We believe that the true potential of our partnership is only just beginning
  • Viewpoint
    B.Bold: The first step in building a copper plant has been made
  • Ch.Khurelbaatar: Copper dominates in the amount of taxes paid to the budge
  • Kh.Nyambaatar: All issues have been settled except the tax dispute
  • N.Tserenbat: The Oyu tolgoi Project has entered the third phase of its development
  • B.Javkhlan: Oyu tolgoi provides many Mongolians with jobs and income
  • G.Yondon: We are grateful to Oyu tolgoi for preparing Mongolian mining specialists
  • Rio Tinto Mongolia
    Kh.Amarjargal: Underground operations to bring opportunities for promoting Mongolia globally and to boost investment
  • World in 2023
    It is about making the biggest positive difference
  • Green development
    Oyu tolgoi will significantly contribute towards global green development
  • Underground worker
    E.Ankhbayar: Young people that work at the Oyu tolgoi mine have to consider themselves very fortunate
  • Khanbogd city
    Khanbogd-Construction and Employment 2023 forum
  • Khanbogd Forum
    Smart and eco city in the Galba Gobi
  • Editorial meeting
    How to transform Khanbogd soum into a city
  • Viewpoint
    U.Byambasuren : The development of other non-mining economic branches should be a priority too
  • R.Seddorj: We invite real estate developers
  • Ch.Erdenesaikhan: Khanbogd has all the right conditions for the development of cooperatives
  • J. Erkhembaatar: Digital infrastructure works are completely finished in Khanbogd Soum
  • E.Tamir: We introduced a product aimed at supporting the development of Khanbogd Soum into Khanbogd city
  • Citizen`s representatives meeting
    T. Buyan-Ulzii: I will try to develop a marvelous city
  • Khanbogd Accelerator Fund
    An engine to accelerate the development
  • Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund
    Gobi resources for Gobi People
  • Khanbogd and companies
    B.Erdene-Ochir: The people of Khanbogd are learning a lot from the Oyu tolgoi culture
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