1. Most captivating sunrises (ans sunsets) in the world

Haruki Murakami, best-selling Japanese author

“Dawn in Mongolia was an amazing thing. In one instant, the horizon became a faint line was drawn upward, higher and higher. It was as if a giant hand had stretched down from the sky and slowly lifted the curtain of night from the face of the earth. It was a magnificent sight, far greater in scale…than anything that I, with my limited human faculties, could fully comprehend.”

2. The vast untouched steppe

Stanley Stewart, British author of “In the Empire of Genghis Khan: A journey Among nomad”

“I waited half a lifetime for Mongolia only to arrive, fortuitously, at the moment I was best equipped to appreciate it. Any older, I might have found five months in the saddle too ardu­ous. Any younger and I would not have taken such pleasure in those innocent landscapes, in the grasslands’ wonderful solitudes, or in the rich hospitality of nomads. Nor would I have un­derstood Mongolia as a kind of homecomig.”

3. Mongolians are the most hospitable people in the world

Joe Rohde, Vice President of Creative at Walt Disney Imagineering

“No matter how much one reads about the tradition by which strangers are welcomed into a random ger, it is remarkable to experience.”

4. You can reconnect with nature while crossing the country on horseback

 Tim Cope, author of “On the Trail Genhis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the No­mads”

“Feeling the air, in touch with the way the world works, aware of everything around you. In the wintertime you even realize when the days shorten by one or two minutes. If I’m in an apartment for a week I totally lose touch with what the moon’s doing, where the stars are, or what the weather’s doing, and I start to lose my strength.”

5. It is full of unexpected adventures

 Andre Tolme, author of “I Golfed Across Mongolia”

“As I wander across the land, there is no doubt in my mind that golf must have originated here. The horses, goats, and sheep keep the fairways mowed down to the perfect playable height. Every day is a sunny day (perfect for golf), and the marmot holes make perfect targets.”

6. For the traces of ancient history – that still exist!

 Ian Johnson, traveler

“To realize that Mongolia is, in many respects, unchanged from its historical period is a fascinating draw. How many other periods of history can you find reflected in an existing society? Mongolia, to me, offers a picture of Living History.”

7. Pristine lake Khuvsgul: the blue pearl of Mongolia and one of the world’s largest

 Lubomir Svoboda, scuba diving expert

“I was surprised to hear that it is possible to drink straight from the lake. A place like that is rare in this world.”

8. For the ultimate in wildlife watching – no matter if you are a bird or a bear lover

 Balazs Szigeti, birdwatcher

“From the endless Gobi desert to the slopes of the Altai mountains covered with beautiful ev­ergreen forests, this country provides unspoilt scenery, stunning landscapes and a mouthwa­tering array of species.”

9. To see modernity meet ancient history in the capital city Ulaanbaatar

 National Geographic Traveler

“Nearly half of Mongolia’s three million res­idents are nomads, and most of the rest live in Ulaanbaatar – the country’s capital and the largest city. Its ten museums, close proximity to national parks, and collection of imperi­al palaces and Buddhist monasteries qualify Ulaanbaatar as a destination rather than way station.”

10. Because it will change you – forever

  Liza F.Carner, author of “Moving with the Seasons: Portrait of a Mongolian Family”

“While in Mongolia, I certainly explored new landscapes, but more importantly, I discov­ered new ways of seeing and being. Spending time with my Mongolian family recalibrated my internal scale to what I needed to have a happy life.”



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