“Green Development” magazine hits the stands

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2022-04-07 09:55:12
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“Economy Media” LLC has just created a new magazine with a different look and topic in Mongolian media industry and bringing the first issue to you. Welcome, “Green Growth” magazine.

Climate change, global warming and sustainable development are becoming crucial issues for humankind. These problems worry world leaders no less than geopolitics, economic growth, epidemics and inequalities. These international threats, which we thought somehow irrelevant to us, are already sounding the alarm in Mongolia.

In the last 20 years, low precipitation years continued in the Mongolian soil, warming temperatures enhanced evaporation and the climate has been getting drier. Simultaneously, Mongolia is highly likely to keep experiencing lower rainfall rates in the summer and higher snowfall rates in the winter which might put pressure on Mongolia’s main source of food and income, animal husbandry and agriculture.76.8 percent of the territory has been under moderate and high desertification.

“Green Growth” magazine will focus on the concept of green growth for the health of the blue planet and the well-being of future generations, both universal issues for all of us.

From first issue, you can read stories about global climate change, Khuvsgul lake, takhis at Khomyn tal, quotes of world leaders about the climate change, report from the “Green finance-regional forum”, interviews of B.Bat-Erdene, minister of the Environment and Tourism, Tapan Mishra, United Nations Resident Coordinator, a ranger from Uvs province and many other essays on the green business and green finance.

We plan to create a comprehensive information platform about green development in the future. The platform will include Green Development magazine, nogoon.mn, greendevelopment.mn, videos and podcasts.

Through our platform, we will strive to provide policy makers, the private sector and the public with insights and information on green growth, sustainable development goals, global warming and green policies, green business, green finance, green technology, education and health.

“Economi Media” LLC, in its 11th year of operation consists of Mongolian Economy magazine, website, Business.mn magazine, and licensed issue of World in magazine.






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