Oyun-Erdene.L: We invite you to invest in Mongolia

Mongolian Economy
2022-02-17 10:47:39
Category: Foreign investment

The Ministry of Economy and Development has adopted its operational strategy, organizational restructuring program, structure, and staffing limits, and decided to establish a Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Agency under the Ministry.

The new agency will implement a lot of significant work, such as clarifying foreign investment policy and planning, and connecting investors to all sectors in development and economy.

It will also protect the rights and legitimate interests of investors, stabilize the investment climate and provide support and services for investors to plan.

The Prime Minister of Mongolia, Oyun-Erdene.L called on foreign investors to invest in Mongolia through his website by saying “As part of the New Recovery Policy, Mongolia will re-establish the Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Agency with an aim to create an efficient, predictable and business-friendly environment for investors. We invite you to invest in Mongolia”.






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