New Prime Minister of Mongolia appointed

The Mongolian Parliament approved today Ukhnaa KHURELSUKH as Prime Minister of Mongolia. Thus, Khurelsukh has become the 30th Prime Minister of Mongolia.

After his approval, Prime Minister Khurelsukh gave a speech underlining “Mongolia is still experiencing in economic crisis”.
“We mainly focused on the mining sector last years. But it is wrong attitude. We should develop a multi-pillared economy, and in order to do so, we should advance the land farming and animal husbandry” he said.
“Dubai Agreement should be inspected. This matter should be resolved in compliance with Mongolian laws and regulations. The Tavan Tolgoi project should be moved forward as well,” he added.
U.Khurelsukh was born in 1968 in Sukhbaatar District of Ulaanbaatar. He graduated from the University of Defense, Institute of State Administration and Management Development, School of Law of the National University of Mongolia, majoring in political analysis and law. Khurelsukh lives with his wife and two children.
U.Khurelsukh started his career from the 152nd Unit of the People’s Army of Mongolia, worked as a member of parliament in 2000-2008, member of cabinet and Minister in charge of emergency in 2004-2006, member of cabinet and Minister in charge of specialized inspection in 2006-2008, elected a member of parliament in 2012, worked as member of cabinet and Deputy Prime Minister in 2015-2016 and has been working as member of cabinet and Deputy PM since 2016.