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Selection of Top-150 Enterprises 2012-05-01 18:06

The selection of the “Top-150 Enterprises” was held in cooperation with the Government of Mongolia and the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry on April 30, 2012. The event was conducted eleventh times this year. The enterprises that have contributed significantly onto the economic and business development of Mongolia, were selected as top enterprises. The competition used to announce “Top-100 enterprises” until this year. This year was the selection of the “Top-150 enterprises”. S. Batbold, Prime Minister of Mongolia said: “It is a good deed that the competition “Top-100” that serves as the main leverage of the Mongolian economy, is now expanded into “Top-150”. It is an example of business sector’s development of our country connected with the economic growth. Also it shows how the businesses support the businesses. The government of Mongolia will support the business sector in the future, too”. 

The selection of the sector’s best companies was performed due to the following factors. These are total volume of sales, taxes paid for the state, number of the employees, number of the new workplaces, activities done in the field of corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption campaign, initiatives, results, innovation, modern technology, corporate governance, financial transparency.

Feedback of the representatives of the companies, selected as top.

G. Battsengel, CEO of Energy Resource LLC:

We are a young company. Thus, we are taking part in the selection of the Top Enterprises the second time this year. We took last time the fourth place, but now we are on the third place. It is a great success. We have created new workplaces up to 2000 since 2008 until now. We also have paid the taxes for the state. Besides, we have executed the building of the environmentally friendly power station in collaboration with the Mongolian engineers. It is one of the forms how our company fulfills the corporate social responsibility.

D. Sainbayar, Deputy Director of Monnis group:

 The year 2011 was a year of great construction to us. Our company focuses now on the industrial sector. We aim to be the leaders in this sector. For this, the corporate social responsibility shall be on high level. We paid taxes in volume of MNT 43 billion for the state budget, and oveҮүний тулд бидэнд 500 new workplaces are created. I would like to express my gratitude for the government officers and all other relevant people who promote the private business, and business sector. Companies with the foreign investment stepped the Mongolian market. The Law that confirms the cooperation of the foreign companies with the Mongolia, is approved. If this article could be developed in a right sense, then it will bring huge reforms. Also we should develop our cooperation with each other. Thus, I call upon the cooperation of the Mongolian business sector.

L. Gantumur, Vice President of MCS group:

New possibilities are opened up for the business sector in connection with the rapid economic development in Mongolia. We have received work proposals on the projects and construction work for the implementation nationwide, and cooperated. Last year, the MCS group paid taxes in volume of MNT 200 billion. We work together wi to al people who have appreciated our efforts

Ts. Anandbazar, President of Sod Mongol group:

We have been taking part in the selection of the Top Enterprises already 11 years. I can remember vividly how we took the place Nr. 87 for the first time. This year we took the 8th place by the cooperation and strives of the team of Sod Mongol group. The motive of our success lies in the objective to implement the corporate social responsibility. Our current economy could be compared with one beautiful Morning. We have to give our best in this period. Then the economy will diversify and become sound.

The first 15 Top Enterprises out of 150 are:

1.    MCS group
2.    Mongolian Gold LLC
3.    Energy Resource LLC
4.    Mongolian Star Melchers LLC
5.    NIC LLC
6.    Mobicom group
7.    Nomin Holiding LLC
8.    Magnai Trade LLC
9.    Sod Mongol group
10.    APU company
11.    Wagner Asia Equipment LLC
12.    Just group
13.    Monnis International
14.    Bodi group
15.    JEM International

By E. Zorigt